Environmentally Compliant Power Washing, Southwest Virginia

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Our power washing techniques are designed to be much gentler on the environment.

As scientists learn more about how our actions affect the environment, they develop new standards and guidelines to abide by in order to protect the natural world as much as possible. Some recommendations are things everyone can implement, and others are only relevant to workers in specific industries. For example, our team at Blackwater Power Washing, LLC follows the guidelines for environmentally compliant power washing, and we appreciate the opportunity to provide some details about how our services differ from the standard techniques.

One of the main factors that distinguish environmentally compliant power washing from the standard technique is how it handles water runoff. The water used in power washing gets very dirty, as all the grime and pollutants present on the target surface dissolve into the water. If this water is allowed to enter storm drains, it can contaminate the water supply, so environmental guidelines require pressure washing experts to collect their water runoff and filter it. In addition, our environmentally compliant power washing equipment is designed to use less water overall than standard models. Our team also uses biodegradable cleaning agents in our services to make sure we don’t damage any of the foliage around your property or damage the soil.

We are proud to serve Southwest Virginia, and we want to help you keep your home or business looking its best. If you want to know more about our environmentally compliant power washing techniques, or would like to schedule an appointment, just give us a call.